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One day we will all find our pairing soul. It will be a feeling beyond imagination. That beautiful soul will bring you joy and laughter and life will finally feel complete. That will be the person you will never want to live without. Our latest song "Tanha Dil" gives voice to that indescribable feeling and the hope that your never have to part ways with that person ?


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Apple Music:https://music.apple.com/in/album/tanha-dil/1579508564?i=1579508567&ls
Youtube Music:https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_moQdr1ofYHnkPMquTsQ1Qx6waJ_LTGIn8&feature=share
Amazon Music:https://music.amazon.in/albums/B09BR8QRBV?trackAsin=B09BR7HNBT&ref=dm_sh_zNsS3cSuuCTQTWhUqpeJlSLQ6

Song - Tanha Dil
Singer - Aakanksha Sharma
Composer - Shashwat Dixit
Lyrics - Saurav Sonthalia
Music Production - Lovepreet Singh
Mixing & Mastering - Lovepreet Singh & Shashwat Dixit

Editor - Shashwat Dixit
Poster Design - Bolsterflip
Digital Consultant - Manuj Rajput (Bolsterflip Media)

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