Green Day - Pollyanna (Official Video)

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It's the BEST feeling being out on the road w/ the Hella Mega Tour!! So great, in fact, that we made a vid for Pollyanna ft. some of the best times we've had so far.

?: Greg Schneider

Hella Mega dates & tickets ??
w/ Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Weezer + The Interrupters

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Rainy days and razor blades
I think it’s time to pull up the shades
It’s wonderful to be alive

Hurricanes and headlines
Standing in another line
It’s wonderful to be alive
Everything is gonna be alright

Don’t let em get you down
Don’t let em push you around
We’re gonna take back the night
Everything’s gonna be alright

Share your bread with friends you don’t know
Hold the truth and never let go
Don’t give up and go with what you know’s for real

Que sera and C’est la vie
Everyday’s a jubilee
It’s wonderful to be alive

#GreenDay #HellaMegaTour #Pollyanna

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