Seether - Wasteland (Official Music Video)

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Listen to “Wasteland" from The Purgatory EP:
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"Wasteland" is originally from the album, "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum". Stream/Buy "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" here:

Shaun Morgan: “We are really excited to release The Purgatory EP as a companion to our latest single, "Wasteland." I'm especially proud of how the alternate version of the track turned out and really happy that people will finally hear it!” The 5-track set includes the fan favorite, “Wasteland,” from the band’s most recent album, and features three never-before-heard songs, and an alternate/stripped down version of "Wasteland”.

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Director: Genéa Gaudet
Producer: Emmy Gyori
Director of Photography: Geno Salvatori
Gaffer: Ricardo Pomares-Belmonte
1st AC: Lena Lee
Drone: Hank Leukart
Additional Camera (Nashville): Cody Duncum & Andy Hawkes
Additional Gaffer: Sam Peyton
Locations: Midcentury Fantasy Oasis, Palm Springs, CA // Caitlin Krenz & The Writers Cabin, Wonder Valley, CA // @the_writers_cabin
HMU: Naomi Blakeslee
Art Dept: Jasmine Sejuan
PA: Sam Peyton & Kelsey Brinkman
Production Companies: Girlfight Pictures & We Make Movies

Influencer Girl & Snake Wrangler: Danielle Wall
Cabin Man: Tom Berninger
Desert People: Scarlette Salter, Gene Buckelew & Brent Nesbitt-Washington

VFX: Patrick Lawler
Illustrations: Simon Mulligan
Editor: Genéa Gaudet
Color Grading: Michael Mintz // FotoKem
Additional Color & Compositing: Genéa Gaudet
Archival: Jordan Wright
(written by Shaun Morgan)
At the end of the day
You're so soft spoken
Don't hang your head for me
Nobody seems to believe in the reasons you feel so lonely
Nobody seems to accept them the way that I do
This teenage wasteland of ours
I feel too much
I remember the way you left me broken
Don't shed a tear for me
Nobody seems to be willing to save me from purgatory
Nobody seems to be able to shed the treadwheel
This teenage wasteland of ours
I feel too much
This drug won't take on for hours
I need this crutch
Say something, say something

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